I remember Jasper
how we drove up
in that bolt bucket
drank grape soda
from the dime store
listening to Dylan

How the mountains
echoed our loneliness
the answers we sought
turning us inside out –
I dream of it still.

(Tuesdays, I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson
Art mine – an early attempt at watercolour)


I navigate sharp twists,
confront rough trails,
steep slopes, swoon
at dizzying heights,
frailty felt.

This path is for rugged,
those accustomed
to the sheer immutable
force of rock –

and yet, my lens
tells a different tale –
speaks of shadows
shifting witnesses
mutations of colour

describes a giant
whose facade reflects
the day’s passing light,
demonstrates compassion
in earth’s stillness.

(Mountain first appeared in February of 2018, inspired by the Apache Trail, Arizona.  Watercolour image by yours truly.)