Weaving Meaning

Nuances of nostalgia –
jagged edges
to unsuspecting cubes

moving and opening
I distract
We grapple
under construction

Meaning percolates
This is life
these bits and pieces
of a resurrection
dragons and time machines
ticket stubs

(Originally titled, Weaving Bits and Pieces, this was a found poem – the product of collective responses to a prompt. Image my own.)



Fear builds wall
deflects possibility;
I pray for purpose
block revelation

afraid truth,
unkind, will
shatter equilibrium

Once faith-filled
meaning flowed
like blissful
divine guidance

but life changes,
challenges –
virus suppressing

I set my walls
it seems

need to adjust
these filters.

(For Reena’s Exploration challenge: meaning and truth, and Ragtag Community’s: flow; and Fandango’s: firewall.)


A Poem’s Life

No value
have these words –
splotches on white –

no meaning
structure worthless –

until eyes curious
willing to linger
invite order

add focus,
insert experience
inject emotion

paint the page
with resonance
bring a poem to life.

(A thank you to all my dear readers, whose support gives me so much encouragement and brings my words to life.)