Cheer for Spring

Cheer growth
beneath a heavy cloud cover,
Canada goose passes
overhead, while I

behind a veil of rainy grey,
lens poised to capture life,
swallows swoop and
rise up.

Rise up,
over rushing waters, branch high
blackbirds huddle, demand
my attention:

reveals newness, buds breaking through,
colours promising that
chilly winds disperse,
cheer growth.

Cheer growth,
behind a veil of rainy grey
blackbirds huddle, demand
chilly winds disperse;
cheer growth.

(Dark Side of the Moon offers this final cinquain challenge:  Garland Cinquain.
Deep thanks to Abigail for teaching us this form.  I have enjoyed the challenge.)


HoHoHo, What?

A snowy-bearded man in
a uniform of red, says
sets our wheels spinning –
suddenly behavior counts,
and calories don’t, and mistletoe –
well you know…

Does not anyone else find it odd that
a marketing construct is our ambassador
for good cheer?

(A quadrille written for dVerse where the focus is on cheer.  Also linking up to Ragtag Community’s : uniform.  No Santa Clauses were harmed in the making of this poem, nor does the author claim to be totally humbug.  Artwork is an original.  Cheers all!)