HoHoHo, What?

A snowy-bearded man in
a uniform of red, says
sets our wheels spinning –
suddenly behavior counts,
and calories don’t, and mistletoe –
well you know…

Does not anyone else find it odd that
a marketing construct is our ambassador
for good cheer?

(A quadrille written for dVerse where the focus is on cheer.  Also linking up to Ragtag Community’s : uniform.  No Santa Clauses were harmed in the making of this poem, nor does the author claim to be totally humbug.  Artwork is an original.  Cheers all!)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

57 thoughts on “HoHoHo, What?”

  1. I love both your witty and perceptive poem and your readers’ comments, V.J. Clearly how we experience and perceive the holidays is a highly individual matter! Hope yours are lovely, no matter how you celebrate.

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      1. Stress-free DOES sound wonderful! Christmas was a big deal when I was little, but not so much since I married my agnostic husband. We still go to my sister’s house for brunch on Christmas Eve and hang out with my four nieces, which is always fun and hilarious. And stress-free for us too, since she is an incredible cook!

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  2. One of my pet peeves about Santa is that he is a WHITE MAN who gives us all gifts. Nothing against white men per se, it’s just that it sends a terrible message to the young ones. Santa needs to be an icon that represents the spirit of Christmas these days: a giant shop-vac on one side sucking in money and increasing national debt (a little gauge on the side measures the #s) while spewing out a bunch of useless junk made somewhere-other-than-America on the other side.

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