Order and Compassion

Pythagorus surmised
a theorem of patterns
defining life’s mysteries

Despite my abhorrence
for numbers, I concur that
there is order to the unknown

Guided by compassion
I walk that intrepid riddle
seek the enlightened path.

( Image my own.)

Mystery Beckons

How often I’ve reconstructed that wall,
and still it crumbles, the universe
and ever-reaching temptation,
her tentacles tearing at the fabric
of this constraint –

I am losing the battle,
have little left of value
in this black and white world –
conformity does not suit
my disposition –

Unwieldy as I am, I will climb
that ladder, follow the uncoventional,
delve once more into the mystery.

(Written for Hélène Vaillant’s What Do You See? challenge.  Featured image is the prompt.)