Once, with confidence,
stated my name –
clarity claiming
wisdom as mine

Today, sun burns,
I avoid conversation
question what is sane

This paradoxical state
of fluctuation, is it right,
and who among us is steady
enough to know for certain?

(Tuesdays, I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson
Image my own)


Solitude, I dream
of expansive landscapes,
crave your panoramic
silence, thrill to the ideal
of your boundless sanctity

Solitude, you wrap me
in separateness, strip away
my cardboard walls, tear
at the corners of my instability;
no refuge from the stillness

Solitude, I am smothered
by your starkness, by my
starkness, cries of madness
reverberating through vast
canyons of aloneness.