Heron Reflection

Silent as the Great Blue,
Autumn hues creep
shifting the landscape
altering my mood.

Do feathers quiver
at the ensuing chill,
or is it merely human
this seasonal affect?

(For Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day)

Sharing Space

Morning, he perches,
resplendent in heron gray

Like a beacon, he watches,
sets a rhythm for my day.

Is he lonely, I wonder,
eyes silent and still?

Later, he’ll wade his slow,
mindful hunt, while I tarry
waterside, camera aimed.

We’ve grown accustomed
to sharing this quiet space

I, the more curious, but
surely he ponders me too.

Is he lonely, I wonder –
Are you? his presence asks.

(Inspired by the resident Great Blue Heron and the promptings of Ragtag Community – resplendent, and Fandango – formidable.)