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Blue Sky Moment

It was birdsong
stopped me in my tracks
distracted as I was
by pandemics
and ceaseless worry
I looked up

I looked up
and there was glory
white blossoms
against endless
blue sky

Blue sky
like a messenger from afar
lifting my spirits
stirring longing

It was birdsong
stopped me in my tracks
I looked up and understood.

(This poem, inspired by the photo I took on a recent walk, was written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge.  I borrowed the line “messenger from afar”.  Image mine)


33 thoughts on “Blue Sky Moment

  1. We’ve taken to sitting on the back patio each morning and each evening, just doing a bit of bird-watching and especially listening to their songs. Nature offers us such beauty! Not only beauty to see but beauty to hear, as well. We need to take time to listen. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem and photo! I am so thankful for morning walks in nature. I see things differently now. The one upside of this pandemic, time to stop and smell the roses 🌹

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  3. Gorgeous photo! Triangulated – quite the catch!
    And I like this poem’s flow, repetition emphasis. I think I’ll go outside now and look upward! And inward, in multiple senses. (We have a cardinal nest in the thick vines on our back fence … hard to see, but mama darts in/out and letting eyes follow her in, suddenly there appear little beaks pointing upward. We humans owe so much to our proximity to birds.)

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    1. We sure do. What a wonderful find in your own yard. It was a Baltimore Oriole that drew me. He flew away before I could capture him, but this scene greeted me instead and I let him go and basked in the moment. Thanks Jazz.

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