Rain teases, trickles,
more sweat than shower
air thick and smothering
sits on my chest.

I exhale in puffs
willing chest to rise
begrudging this outing

Cardinal whistles
happy scales, while
somber sky squeezes
a single droplet
kisses my skin
and then explodes
pellet-like missiles
of water soaking

clothes cling
as a river traces
contours of face
body melting
into flow

and through it all
cardinal sings
a laughing melody.


  1. Gorgeous image, VJ. And I love the cardinal’s persistence through weather ups & downs.

    Back in the ’80s I lived in South Florida – rain a regular inconvenience – but one weekend at a sports-car race with my then-husband (he raced) we were surprised by a sudden downpour as we readied to depart … I remember wishing I’d worn a bra, but thinking oh well, here’s my “wet t-shirt debut” – instead of running for cover, I strolled on out smiling at anyone looking (most were ducking their heads and running for cover).

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