Invisible Forces

What ideology is this –
the feminine clothed in conservatism,
carting creatures whose nature is wild –
are we to believe women, too, are tractable,
or that girls should aspire to control
their beastly selves, become pets
for mass consumerism?

Glances say it all –
the inability to face the authors
of this myth – subdued by shame,
powerlessness, or conditioned politeness –
do not be fooled; there is more to this story –
it may be invisible, we may all pretend
it does not exist, or downplay its significance –
but one day, rage will have its say.

(Written for the dVerse pub, hosted tonight by Merril, with the theme: invisible.  My poem is a reaction to the featured image, offered up as a prompt by Willow Poetry for her weekly challenge:  What Do You See?)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

50 thoughts on “Invisible Forces

  1. This poem brings to mind the song, “The times, they are a changing”
    Well done. The attitude toward women and human trafficking is changing hopefully taking away the invisible cover hat has been hiding it for so long!

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  2. Oh my yes VJ, you realy read the looks on this two girls faces absolutely right on. Brilliant reading of human body language, I saw seeming indifference on their faces. You saw the invisible, and accurately read much more. I loved your writing to accompny this picture – and I love this picture. There is also the significance in our society of “fox” being a slang term for an attractive female. Great post!

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  3. Oh my, this has really caught me by surprise. Your interpretation had not even entered my mind in regards to this photo. Well done V.J… pointing us all to the invisible that rages to be heard, seen and acknowledged.

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  4. I read the poem first, V.J., without looking at the image, and then, keeping the image in mind, I read it again. I like the bold dichotomy of the opening lines and the question, and thought, well, that’s a question we’ve been asking for years and it would have been answered by now if girls/women had been able to bust the myth, if only society would let them. Bring on the foxy rage!

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  5. Well said–your take on both prompts. I think it’s a very odd photo, but just at first glance I’m not sure why. I think these lines really said it: “there is more to this story –
    it may be invisible, we may all pretend
    it does not exist, or downplay its significance –
    but one day, rage will have its say.”

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  6. Your words capture the strangeness of the juxtaposition of fashion, animal, landscape. The fashion shoot is artifice, but this one is not even an understandable fantasy. The world of fashion is not kind to women. (K)

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  7. I love the truth in this poem, V.J! ❤️ Women are expected to behave in a certain manner and follow a particular protocol according to many cultures.. which I find to be absurd.. Let us breathe! It’s high time! 🙂

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