Love Talk

It’s like cycling uphill
in three lanes of traffic
in a snowstorm

trying to communicate with you

I keep peddling –
sending signals –

but you’re like the SUV
spraying slush in your wake

hindering  progress,
ignoring my needs…

Aren’t we soulmates –
in tune, hearts beating as one –
words superfluous between us?

Then why am I about to expire
and you’re just revving up?

No telepathy at work here.

Empathy lacking, too.

(Sammi Cox’s weekend challenge is telepathy in 72 words)



      1. Ha ha ha – not at all. Like any art form, It is up to interpretation. Have to confess, my heart caught a bit as I was polishing it up. The communication thing is very real, isn’t it?

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  1. The alliteration and assonance in this poem combine to make a perfect balance; a contrast between hard and soft phrases which add power to the story. I’d be curious to know whether you chose the particular words consciously or instinctively. Your poetry is excellent; it reads as if it is well-thought out, and edited carefully.

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