Storing Energy

Comfortable is the state
I aspire to today –
lounging pants,
a weathered tee,
and a pace to match.

Tomorrow, we prepare:
finish up packing,
load the vehicle,
await the signal –
the house is ours!

Small town living
is the setting of choice –
Stonetown – quaint
shops, cottages of lime,
a river running through it

We’ll settle in amongst
other seniors, register
for local activities, walk
along the trails, and
visit nearby theaters

take the grandchildren
swimming in the quarry,
blue as it is deep –
water trampolines
and kayaks ready for fun.

Yet another adventure,
in our life of many –
so today, I rest, make plans,
nap – save my energy
for busy tomorrows.

(Thanks to Fandango for the daily prompt: comfortable, and to the Ragtag community for quarry.  The focus of my weekly challenge is home. Love it if you’d join me.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

13 thoughts on “Storing Energy”

  1. You do right in gnow ing steady today, moving is no child’s game.
    I wish you happiness in your new town and help me. No hurry with boxes. Unpack as need arises. 😊 .

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  2. You must be an organised person, if you can find time to write the day before you move house – either that or you’re like me, which means that tomorrow when be unnecessarily chaotic, since you haven’t prepared properly 🙂

    I hope the move goes smoothly and Stonetown is everything you wish it to be.

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    1. Ha ha. I have a chronic illness which is characterized by exhaustion after exertion, so I need to store up today. Hubby is running around like a crazy man, I failed to mention.

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