Not So Green

Corporations claim to be green
bent as they are on profitability

Contrived, the marketing schemes
colour added to mask the perils

No amount of dye can alter
the truth for our world faces

the midnight hour, time
for preservation waning.

(For Reena’s Xploration Challenge: featured image. Also for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: midnight.)


Win or Loss?

A cousin of my mother’s, and her husband, won a considerable lottery well into their retirement years.   From the outside, it was a dream come true.

Mom and I ran into this cousin while shopping at a local mall one day.

“Hello, you lucky duck!”  My mother greeted her.

After brief small talk, Mom’s cousin confessed that winning the large sum of money was not a blessing.  “I don’t mean to be ungrateful,”  she explained, “but it has caused a lot of trouble in our lives.”

“Lots of people calling you up?”

“Everyone, but that’s not the worst of it.  Our family won’t speak to us anymore.”

“Why ever not?”

“We paid off the kids mortgages, bought them all new cars, and took them on vacation, but apparently, it’s not enough.  And our brothers and sisters are mad we didn’t share the wealth.  So, we’re building a big million dollar home that no one will come visit.”

“Well, call me up, I’ll come visit,”  my ever-cheerful mother responded.  Then more kindly, “I’m truly sorry to hear that Carole.  No one deserved this more than you and Carl; you worked so hard all your life.”

My mother and I walked away startled by this turn of events.  How odd life is.  Here was a family whose lives were touched by good fortune, now divided by greed and jealousy.

Yet, I wonder how many others would tell the same tale?