I Am Listening, Child

Child of mine,
what rage is this
that sets you against
a younger brother?

What discontent stirs
so deeply within that
you would lash out
at me, your mother?

Let us sit a moment,
and let me, with tenderness,
listen, for your anger masks
pain, and I am not so far
removed from childhood
to recognize that tone.

If I have wronged you,
speak; I need to hear it.
If peers are pressuring,
or bullying, or you feel
betrayed, lay it here
in my hands, and I will
comfort you, and offer
what wisdom I have.

Your well-being is sacred
to me; let me hold you –
you’re not too old – linger
here in my embrace until
the tears come, and the storm
passes; I will hear your fears,
frustrations, and disappointments,
and together we will figure it out.

Child of mine,
I am here for you,
no matter the reason;
your pain is my pain,
talk to me; I am listening.

(This poem first appeared Dec, 2019. Image my own)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

45 thoughts on “I Am Listening, Child”

  1. What sweet words. I have no children, so when I read this, I feel the perspective of the child, being comforted by my mother. I have no doubt my mother has said similar words to me in past years and would so even now to comfort me. My heart hurts for those who have not known such sweet love from their mother. 😢❤

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  2. Oh wow – I liked this so much – for three reasons
    first because it had that VJ flow with succinct words and your style of writing
    second, as a parent I could relate and the tenderness and open arms was moving
    third, as a counselor I feel so much health and wisdom for wellness layered here – with permission to cry and the hugging and so many wellness elements layered shows your seasoning and reminds us that it is not about perfection or easy lives – but about togetherness and conversation – and about connection and effort to heal and grow.

    and perhaps there is a fourth thing that spoke to me – in a way it felt like this could be how God speaks to us and loves on us.


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  3. Motherhood can represent the best of humanity. “Your well-being is sacred to me” powers the heart to listen and not be judgmental, but sometimes waiting is a must until the right moment comes. Not to be intrusive is sometimes difficult for me when I see the pain, but I’ve learned to wait. Moving poem, V.J. ❤

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      1. I think I’ve become more patient recently. 🙂 Learning when to bite my tongue or pause and re-sculpture my words of wisdom. It takes a lot of practise. 🙂

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