Relocate. Reset

Mom said sh’e leaving Dad
can’t take it anymore
we move.

Relocate. Reset.

Bullying at school out of control
can’t take it anymore
we move.

Relocate. Reset.

Truancy a problem
then the rape
school says I have to go.

Relocate. Reset.

Sister move back home
one unhinged, the other battered
Moms says it’d be better if I leave.

Relocate. Reset.

Shuffle boxes from relationship
to relationship, change careers
like hairstyles – is this boredom?

Relocate. Reset.

Never did grow roots
too good at packing up
trouble comes…

Relocate. Reset.

Tell you more, but we’re about
to pull out, the road is calling…
you know how it goes…

(Relocate. Reset. first appeared here in December, 2017. I am submitting it here, edited, for my weekly challenge: I’m bored. All welcome to join in. Image my own.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

31 thoughts on “Relocate. Reset

  1. Guessing this reflects real shifts – leads me to applaud your resilience! (Choices are challenges – I think we grow stronger from changes of directions& surroundings – tough to do at times & hardest part is deciding.)

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    1. The poem was an aha moment – laying out the patterns. My parents did the same thing…just when the tension got too much, they moved…always with promises from Dad that this time would be better. (Mom did go back to him, although it cost her a lot.). Thanks Jazz.

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      1. As a child I must admit my life was very stable. But as an adult I’ve always had a need for new challenges, moved a fair bit and like you I had a spouse whose rhythms fit my own. We are both fortunate in that way.

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  2. Oh my, V.J., one sad challenge after another. How can one ever relax into life with this pattern? Always on alert to some extent. That is so tough and takes a huge toll on the body as well as the mind. This is so powerful. I don’t see boredom as much as a way to cope perhaps.

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  3. That’s a wow! Love the succinctness. Brought back memories – we moved every year/year and a half growing up but for different reasons. Life can be a tough teacher indeed.

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      1. Yes it was! However now I find it easy to talk to anyone anywhere, I can adjust quickly to new places/situations without the earlier angst 😊

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    1. I haven’t heard that phrase, but it certainly makes sense in terms of my parents frequent moves – better to change the external than do the hard work of changing the source of the problem.

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