Genie Unleashed

Artistic sensibility
hungered by the exquisite
craves expression

The critic guffaws
decries creativity
starves the impulse

Who unleashed
such nonsense,
such magical thinking!

To think beauty
once espied
can be replicated

and by such an amateur
the unskilled hand
an unworthy representative.

But the artist, unleashed
knows only magic –
this genie will not be rebottled.
(Thank you to Reena’s Explorationchallenge, whose prompt line is: The genie is not getting back in the bottle.  Art work my own – self-critiqued and found lacking, thank you.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

49 thoughts on “Genie Unleashed”

    1. Thank you. The art is of a woman’s face divided. One side normal, the other paisley. On the plain side, her hair flows in coloured layers. From the paisley side emerge wing-like shapes.


    1. 9×12 – I do my work in a sketch book, usually ink and either watercolour or markers. This was actually the blueprint for a collage I was planning to make. The collage didn’t work out, lol.


  1. Love the ending, and the “magic” of the whole of it. Often it seems like that is where creative expression comes from, a magical land, somewhere far off we never know how we exactly reach but wish to keep reaching.

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      1. Yes. Exactly that. Where does that kind of magic truly come from? Our hearts or souls or something higher? Or just in the “magic” we know is there but can’t truly define. I love how this poem flows. You’re a brilliant wordsmith, no doubt.

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      2. Yes, sometimes. When you get away from something it’s almost like how did I write this? And that can be scary at times. Inspiration and words can come quickly sometimes, almost as if not even your hands or thoughts. Those are best times to write, but then you always wonder if you can return to that place. When will that inspiration come again.

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  2. Such a unique and intriguing piece of art, expressing two sides to our personalities. The intricate details on one side are so lovely. Self-doubt has no place in creative expression. Keep exploring the magic!

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