Weed Through

Fear finds its fortune in ignorance,
cashes in on hate – set the dial to love

weed through propaganda, decode
the depraved, aim to rise above

education and openness, mechanisms
leading to a lasting treasure.

(Image from personal collection.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

26 thoughts on “Weed Through

  1. Wisdom beautifully expressed … the misinformation so prevalent IS like weeds in the garden … some quite attractive, yet they inhibit the growth of nourishment intended … yank ’em out by the roots [clear the mental garden] … that’s the challenge.

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  2. The difficulty with propaganda is systemic. In a free country, we provide every person the right to believe and pursue their dreams. This is fantastic. However, with freedom also comes variety, which is good, however it also provides the opportunity for disinformation through a variety of means. As our founding fathers, and others, explained, if a people lose their connection to the very reasons we fought for freedom, lose our connection to real history, if we lose our connection to a common faith, eventually times will become very difficult. I would add, if we lose our common sense, something we’re born with, and fall into rhetoric, this complicates the matter.
    So, someone asks what is the solution? Honesty. Keeping things simple. And that is for each person to seek.

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  3. The thing to do is hold onto your common sense, think for yourself, and engage in discussions. Discussions in a free country have the best opportunity if both parties are truly seeking, and this extends to others.

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      1. Actually, we’re born with it. I taught for over two decades, mostly upper grades, but whenever I talked with the little ones, I was amazed how they could see clearly. However, as they age, without parental guidance and sometimes correction, they lose their understanding being subject to rhetoric and emotional stresses. That’s why parents are the first line of protection for the children: always will be. And they determine how their children are educated. It starts at home.

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