Dance of Redundancy


by which 
I define myself –
find purpose, validate
my being – I create herculean
tasks, ignore God’s role, the cycles
of nature; script myself responsibility –
a dramatic starring role with no applause,
and in the end, when light has given over to dark
and this body has failed me, will objectivity set me free
or shall I return to do it all again…a hypnotic spiral dance?

(Inspired by Willow Poetry’s Challenge:  What Do You See?  Featured image is the prompt.)



  1. Oooo / this is VJ’s raw and dense writing – I like the way the sentences flowed and built down – like stairs – and content good –
    Personal for you perhaps but parts applicable to all (like a good poetry offers the reader)

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  2. Phenomenal! “script myself responsibility – a dramatic starring role with no applause”!! Soooo true, probably universal – even those who get some applause never feel it’s enough. But your last line says it all … life as hypnotic spiral dance. I like to think my going-in-circles is spiraling upward rather than downward …

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  3. As someone who creates too many tasks, some way too much for me, I really relate to this wordplay. I also am impressed by your words and the way they echo the shape of the tower.

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