Sacred Fire

Set the stones
with reverence
for the directions
for the spirits
for the elders –
like sacred threads,
weave legacy,

Bodies decline,
but spirit is fire –
built with sacred intent,
sparks become flames;
fire has ears
hears our prayers
the message –
for the gods,
inspiring peace.

(Sacred Fire is dedicated to my mentor and friend, Emmagene, who taught me the importance of ritual and ceremony.  I am linking up to 50 Word Thursday, dVerse Open Link, Fandango’s inspire, Ragtag community’s elder, and Daily Addictions’ decline.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

45 thoughts on “Sacred Fire

  1. Lots of spiritual hopefulness here, and I dig it–unfortunately there are those dark rituals that are linked to evil and fascism; we need to exorcise these.

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  2. Yes, rituals should be observed with reverence. The simile ‘like sacred threads, / weave legacy’ is effective, V.J., and I love the lines:
    ‘built with sacred intent,
    sparks become flames;
    fire has ears
    hears our prayers’.

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  3. A fine piece, filled with a standing reverence, for in truth, it is intention in the process, that allows for us to listen, to hear, and to allow for prayers, petitions to be received and offered.

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  4. Number of poems on this open link night about fire or water. It is amazing in our family when we are going off our own separate busy ways, all we have to do on an evening is light a small fire in the fire pit and sit around in the dark again and we are bound together. Something very primal in fire especially in the strengthening of bonds and linking spirit to spirit in care. It is true though, it is so primal ritual can be linked to nefarious ends as well.

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