Cricket Cacophony

Clouds cluster, warn of coming storms.   Having been shut in for days, I am anxious to get outside.  Trusty camera carefully secured around my neck,  hands firm on walker’s grip, I begin my slow stroll through the neighbourhood.   A gust of wind disrupts the flight of a bumblebee, and we collide: he striking my cheek.  I step back, startled.  No damage done.

I follow a walkway, built between the houses, leading to our community center. This route takes me past rows of flourishing gardens – a feast of vibrancy.  I slow to watch the bees delightedly dancing from bloom to bloom.  At the edge of my friend’s house, I hear the crickets, loud and raucous, as if they know that she is currently away.  I pause to listen, surprised to hear such unabashed chirping mid-day.

Lingering, I hope to catch a glimpse of one, maybe even a photograph, but the creatures are securely tucked in the shadows of the overgrown foliage, oblivious to my presence.   I capture the flight of a bee, and the elegant profile of a mourning dove, and then turn back. A white winged moth brushes my hand in passing and then stops long enough for me to take a picture.  The crickets keep on singing.

Midday crickets sing –
revel in nature’s bounty,
as storm clouds gather.

(Written for dVerse, hosted tonight by Victoria.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

41 thoughts on “Cricket Cacophony”

  1. I love the singing of crickets. It’s a sure sign summer is truly over when their nighttime songs aren’t heard anymore.

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  2. Wonderful wandering captured in words and images. I, too, have been housebound for months. Thank God for the internet. I still need a walker, so don”t drive yet, and my camera gathers dust, along with my cane.

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    1. I feel for your Glenn. I was bedridden for 2 1/2 years, and gradually have gained enough strength for short outings. I still use a walker, and haven’t been able to drive for some time, but have a very patient and accommodating husband. On a different subject, I admire your writing but am unable to comment as my computer lacks the supporting software.


  3. That’s a cracking alliterative title, V.J. and I enjoyed the description in the first paragraph.Although we’re expecting them (the prompt is about them after all) the crickets come as a surprise, ‘loud and raucous’ with their ‘unabashed chirping mid-day’. They don’t like having their photos taken!

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  4. The crickets have been chirping away here, too. Do you wonder if it’s a sign of what the weather will be like heading into autumn? Great capture of the bumble in flight!! I’m happy you are getting out and enjoying 💕

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