Daylight softens
and my lens twitches
to follow the birds
into the brush
to a pond
where green water
ripples, exposes
the presence
of beaver,
slicing through algae.

I click.  Success!
Later revel
in images,
red welts
raising on arms,
legs afire with itch.

(dVerse is back and celebrating 7 years with a quadrille, focus: itch)


  1. oh yes….the joys of hiking in the woods, camping, enjoying nature……and then the swatting, itching, and marks of that joyful time that frustratingly, can stay with us for days! 🙂 Good one!

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  2. what a most wonderful image of the beaver! holy smokes!
    but for the bites, and the inevitable itching, the never-ending scratching …. it would be worth it! follow the lens, scratch the itch, pay the price (oh those damn bugs) …
    wonderful piece here … and I hope the itching and inflammation has calmed itself ….

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  3. Sneaky buggers. It’s funny how we don’t always feel the bite when we’re distracted with life. A good thing though…the itch is bad enough. Enjoyed your quadrille and your photo was a nice reward!

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