Day 225 “The Way of Life”

The sky is a cornflower blue, the sun bright, biting, as if in competition with the mustard gold, tangerine orange, and chartreuse leaves shimmering in the breeze.  This is the view from my window, and I close my eyes again, the scene too vivid for my newly awakened eyes.

I contemplate what I have witnessed and think life is like this:  too beautiful at times for words; glorious perfection.

I want to capture it, but when I open my eyes again, white clouds form the backdrop and the autumn wind is tossing the tree about. Branches dip and pull and the harmony of the past moment is gone.

And, I think, life is like this too:  it can turn in a moment, and what was once balance is suddenly lost, and we are left spinning.

I hear it now:  the wind rushing against the windowpane, taunting me:  Change!  Change! it leers.  Change is coming!

And I know what it speaks is true, for life is like this:  ever-fluctuating, never the same.

And the reminder is bittersweet.  I want it to be summer forever, but in my heart, I know it’s okay.  Change is okay.

It’s just the way of life.

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