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Sales Tips

When selling a car, advertise
particulars – make, economy,
road worthiness – appeal
to labouring egos, mindful
of overheads, override objections
with promises of emotional gains,

everyone knows the vehicle
makes the man – corner lust –
it’s the money-maker.

Selling produce is all about
visuals:  market fresh- picked
(sanitize green harvest, mode
of transport, or exorbitant
gains) – organize stands
with optimum appeal,

everyone knows processed foods
lack nutrients – targetting health
conscious is the bottomline.

Selling self requires adaptability
experience counts, of course,
better to project confidence
than to stumble over failures,
project willingness to learn,
brush over personal rights

everyone knows that conformity
trumps self-love ; sealing the deal
is the name of the game.

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