Turn away but stay informed…

Yesterday I had to tell a young woman that the charity who were offering free flights out of Poland has discontinued the program. She shared that the countries around the Ukraine have also withdrawing help.

What could I say?

Many of us have stopped watching the news as the devastation is overwhelming. Television outlets now minimize reporting.

History repeats itself because humanity lacks the stamina to for the long haul. As many as 15 million Ukrainians will be displaced because of this war joining the 100 million displaced due to other world conflict.

I don’t have the answer to this dilemma; I’m just stating what I observe. Our collective priorities do not offer solutions. We fear losing our own status quo.

Understood. Turn away, but please, stay informed.

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26 thoughts on “Turn away but stay informed…”

  1. This is absolutely correct, VJ. We don’t have the stamina anymore. I think there’s too much competing for our attention, and we’d rather someone else just deal with it. I have an aunt who always says, “What am I supposed to do about fill-in-the-blank social justice issue? And I’m afraid this is the sentiment of much of the world.

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    1. It’s difficult not to get burnt out in face of so much injustice. I’m making a deal with myself to do one good deed a day in favour of making a difference in the world.

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  2. This is such an important message, VJ. I am glad you shared it. I completely understand the concept of “compassion fatigue,” but I cannot imagine we would even think we have the luxury of tuning out. It’s a tricky balance that I struggle with all the time. I have a really wonderful friend, 90 years old, who writes me almost daily emails outlining her concerns for the world, her prayers for those in need, and just wants me to know that she is still engaged. I take note and tease her that I want to be just like her when I grow up. Your care and compassion shows, and I hope it spreads. ♥️

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  3. The Ukraine is a heartbreaking situation. I feel they cannot hold out forever. I read The Guardian online and everyday I still read their coverage of what is happening in Ukraine. I hope that the world will not glaze over and turn away from keeping informed about this war.

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  4. There’s a guilt associated with turning away, but keep in mind, the generations below us do see much on social media (none of them watch tv). I’ve recently learned TikTok and there is an overwhelming amount of short clips (30-60 seconds) of people in dire circumstances taking video of themselves or others and posting to social media. Turning off the news isn’t going to give you a break in the overwhelm if you’re like most people and at least partially tuned in to socials.

    On a related note I also see other devestating “news” in 30 second clips even if I filter them out. Natural disasters, animals in distress, etc…

    It’s difficult to not be informed. And it’s exhausting. Everyone needs help.

    Your Ukrainian project is a kind-hearted, lovely response to a terrible crisis that doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the end.


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  5. This is so timely. I heard a Ukrainian army general on the BBC saying that people from around the world are now watching what’s going on with the war as if it is a soap opera!. He’s right.
    We cannot turn away and must stay informed.

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