The Journey So Far

From the North we travelled,
left just as autumn’s brilliance
retreated under the startling
white of winter’s cold breath

Drove through towns grayed
by overcast skies, witnessed
a reversal of seasons, return
of burnt oranges, rusted reds

until green gave over to desert
hues – chalky yellow hills with
dusty, low shrubs, burnt umbers
and muted violet prickly pears

Westward we drove, over wide
open spaces, followed rivers
into mountains, tracked birds,
wildlife, the mystery of saguaro

Encountered red rocks and black
mountains, the Colorado, and
further expanses of barren land
desolation betraying hard times

Continued on till highways widened
and the congestion of civilization
startled us out of our desert sedation
tossed us back into urban bustle

Then we turned north, headed back
to the mountains, now green, rolling,
promising milder temperatures and
the reassurance of flowing river beds

In time, we’ll turn eastward, set our
compass for home, knowing that
there will be disquiet, this lust for
wandering settling in old bones.

(The image is from my personal collection.  To read more about our adventures on the road, visit me at One Woman’s Quest II.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

37 thoughts on “The Journey So Far

  1. kaykuala

    there will be disquiet, this lust for
    wandering settling in old bones.

    A good idea to take a breather before going again. Not rushing can be very useful, VJ !


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  2. Thank you for letting me ride along on your trip! I love the phrase ‘the startling white of winter’s cold breath’ and the sudden flash of ‘burnt oranges, rusted reds’ in the second stanza, and the way the seasons flash by in all their colours. Living on this small island, as Bill Bryson called it, I can’t begin to imagine all that space! But, from travelling around Europe, and once to New York, I do appreciate the homecoming.

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  3. I really admire the tone you set in this piece, madam, whereby I feel myself comfortably buckled up in the back seat, unhurriedly watching the changing scenery and seasons. Thank you for the ride.

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