A bit about me

Words woven create webs of meaning –
fragile structures tested by time.

 Welcome!  So pleased that you’ve dropped by.

Spurred on by the threat of cancer, this blog was born in December of 2011 as a gift to myself.  Back then, I knew nothing about categories or tags, so I ignored them and just wrote.  I had about twenty five followers for a long time and thought that was magnificent.

So much has happened since that humble beginning.  I ducked the cancer bullet but now live with ME/CFS, a disorder that effects all body systems and is quite debilitating.  While many aspects of my life fell away, I did discover that living a horizontal existence is quite compatible with writing, and thus I’ve continued with flourish.

At some point this blog evolved into a forum for poetry, and so I’ve started a second one:  One Woman’s Quest II.

Thanks for stopping by.  I like to think that none of us are alone thanks to forums such as this, and welcome your comments or contributions.




63 thoughts on “A bit about me

  1. Hi VJ, just found your site. Your work is significant. Heartfelt, a brittle edge of reality. I haven’t read nearly enough, and know that I will. However mostly I wanted to say how important it was to meet you on our recent trip.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work. I will be following with you..

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  2. I’ve just found your blog. You sound like an interesting person! I love the way your blog is set out. I wish mine was as good! I’m looking forward to read8ng more of your posts.
    Are you doing the April A to Z writing challenge? I’m having a go at it for the first time.

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    1. Yes blogging is a tonic – good choice of words. I have gained strength the past year, although still spend a lot of time lying down. My walker is my best companion – helping me go the extra bit. Nice to meet you too.


    1. Categories are equal to interests – lifestyle, health, humour, photography, etc. Tags are topics: comics, cartoon, political, and so on. When readers are searching an interest they will google their preferences – tags and categories connect you. Hope that helps.

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