About me

When I die, someone will suggest they include my writing in the funeral service, and my adult children will pour over these pages and wonder who this person was, and my siblings will follow suit asking where this person came from, and friends and acquaintances will line up at the visitation and read my words and check to see if they are in the right room.

When I die, my words will float up from the pages and dance and fill the air with new found freedom, and celebrate a life that never was.

When I die, a writer will have been born.


* * * *

Keeping a journal has been a life-long practice, but now that I am in my fifties, I am ready to share that process. Making sense of life is a quest: a willingness to explore outside of one’s comfort zone, and dig deep, and touch those vulnerable spots. The poems and stories shared here are my own, and I hope that they inspire new questioning and insights, or at the very least, entertain.  Hopefully this will be a good format for developing writing skills.

Some of the titles and focus for this blog come from the writing of Derek Lin: The Tao of Joy Every Day ( as indicated by day number), however; since starting this blog, life has afforded me a few more sources of inspiration, which are reflected in the body of work.

About the Pages

Chronically Creative examines, through poetic expression, the challenges of living with chronic illness.  (I was diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia in 2010’s).

Dream Along With Me explores messages from the dream time and will hopefully inspire your own dream work.  New posts will appear from time to time.

Reclaiming Self represents a personal attempt to piece together the fragments of my life and glean wisdom and healing.  New posts will be added regularly.

Four Voices, Part I is the beginning of a memoir/novel I am writing.

Thanks for stopping by.  I like to think that none of us are alone thanks to forums such as this, and welcome your comments or contributions.






  1. Hi VJ, just found your site. Your work is significant. Heartfelt, a brittle edge of reality. I haven’t read nearly enough, and know that I will. However mostly I wanted to say how important it was to meet you on our recent trip.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work. I will be following with you..


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