Waiting for Recharge

I alternate between vigorous activity and coma-like crash.  It’s the nature of this disease.  No middle ground, it seems.  Or maybe that’s just the nature of this personality.

We celebrated Christmas early this year.  A Saturday afternoon gathering, and I cooked.  First time in four years.  I felt a certain sense of pride till the last guests left and I turned to face the aftermath.  Now, just  two days later, I am packing up the household and preparing for a four-month excursion.  I think I’ve defined a new breed of crazy:  waiting for a spurt of energy and then frenetically doing until I hit the next wall.

Winter pelts windows,
stirs frenzied need to escape –
waiting for recharge.

(Imelda is hosting in the dVerse pub tonight with the prompt: waiting.  Coincidentally, waiting is also the prompt for Manic Monday’s 3 way challenge.  I have also received inspiration from Ragtag Community:  vigorous, and Fandango: coma.  Tomorrow is load up day and then we hit the road, so not sure how often I’ll be around until we get settled somewhere.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

39 thoughts on “Waiting for Recharge”

  1. When in high gear I seem incapable of slowing … this really resonates … for me it’s a lifelong pattern. The older I get the more down time between spurts – but I sorta savor the “down days”

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  2. Surges of energy come when there is an extra spark to motivate I find. You have a wonderful length of time to unwind, recharge and fully enjoy. I wish you all the best on your vacation.

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  3. firstly safe travels and to be able to enjoy as much as you can now you are wanting a recharge. glad you got to celebrate Christmas early, and be done with all the hassle. now the waiting you express so well is over, a new breed of crazy begins – so love that phrase.

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