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Even in togetherness there is distance.

I am alone –
a central figure, distracted,
aiming for contact,
unable to eviscerate control,
repeatedly producing a singular confusion.

Define success…
Is it the one on top,
the know-it-all,
or are these the machinations
of estrangement?

I am unable to discern –
stability never more than a dalliance.

The pavement ahead whispers
promises of belonging –
can I tolerate the quest?

Unfulfilled, I am defensive,
fear off-shoots of depression,
shield tender inner places…

Bring on change;
others watch – look to me
as an example.

I can do this, on their behalf.

Never alone.

Always distances to cross.

(V.J.’s Weekly Challenge is distance. Also submitting this for Open Link Night at dVerse.)


27 thoughts on “Distance

  1. Distance takes on many forms. I was drawn to your first line and last line. Many thoughts churning when I read this. “The pavement ahead whispers“ … I guess traveling distances is still singing in the wind for you.

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  2. There are always distances to cross indeed — this journey that can only be taken alone is realized in your words in its hardships and doubts.
    I found this bit really effective: “I am unable to discern –/stability never more than a dalliance.”

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  3. kaykuala

    Even in togetherness
    there is distance.

    A classic opening VJ. It sets the mood for the tactful reaction to keep things going on behalf of others – which is a noble thing to do!


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