Parents Beware!

Warily watching innocents
parading on the edge of darkness,
portraits of miniature monsters
haunting deserted streets.

Howls from a local asylum
like sirens scream of wizards,
devious deviners hovering
over fresh young blood

Heart beating irrationally,
I pause to calm my breathing,
turn to find my charge gone,
disappeared in the haze.

I retrace my steps – no!
She’s evaporated, snatched –
vomit rises in my throat,
while goblins stalk shadows

frantically I hunt, search
stashes, grasping for clues,
the night closes in, I shiver
at the echoing laughter.

Curiosity caught her –
twilight’s call, visions
enticing –  unaware of her
vulnerability, eager eyed

as any student of fright –
hissing cackles circle
the unsuspecting morsel
of flesh, drooling fangs

connive – bumping into
evil, she tried to run, was
swallowed up, lost, stench
of morbidity closing in –

found her crumpled like
a broken bird – princess
dreams dishevelled, streaks
of tears on muddied face,

tended to her in the shadowy
hours dissuading her fears,
All imaginary, I persuaded,
just costumes like yours –

yet even I felt the lingering
snarl of beasts, the undeniable
chill in the air; I snuggled her
tight, and said an extra prayer

as Night wrapped her in his
ebony cloak and feverish and
afraid she was whisked away
to another mortifying realm.





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