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Souls Are Crossing Over

The night stars glitter over a city asleep,
while a dim light glows from a hospital bedside,
and a woman watches vigil over her dying husband.

Across town in a different medical center,
a thirty-something man squeezes his wife’s hand,
as she labours with the product of their love.

I lie awake, conscious of the irony of life,
anxiously awaiting news of passages:
one life ending while another begins.

I find myself wondering what lies beyond,
and whether they are not both experiencing
the loss of one life and the beginning of another.

What I do know for certain is this:
Lives, at this very moment, are changing,
irrevocably, for the better or the worse.

And that as my mother mourns her loss,
my daughter will be celebrating her gain –
grief and bliss will coexist within these walls.

3 thoughts on “Souls Are Crossing Over

  1. Great insight. I need help! I tried to post a poem, but no matter what I do, I lose my formatting. How can I get it to display like yours? I have the free version if that matters. I can’t find any helpful info on WP.


  2. I have the free version also. Every poem I publish has to be edited to reformat – it’s a glitch with the system. The other trick, which may or may not help, is to press shift return to stop wp from double-spacing.


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