Life Changes

Over time and with repeated negative experiences, one becomes conditioned to expect the worst.  I think this is what happened to Thor and I.  Since 2007 we have had between us: 10 surgeries, two (very different) battles with cancer, bankruptcy, a debilitating illness, and most recently another cancer scare.

We braced ourselves for the worst.
It didn’t happen.
We are on a wait and watch cycle now.
Hope, that ever-persistence ray that keeps us going, has peeked her head out again.

Could it be that our Wheel of Fortune is turning?


One comment

  1. Another post I tried to ignore without comment….but, no. Your family has seen a lot of grief. I hope with you that the good news will remain after the wait. More and more I see that God gives “grace to help in time of need.” We cannot imagine how others endure their trials because we are not privy to that grace.


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