Day 160 “Nature Everywhere”

my heart is a caged bird
whom I guard
as if her very existence
sustains me
oblivious to her beauty
to her suffering
I keep her in a jewelled cage
of golden bars
and convince myself that
her satin pillows suffice
to bring her comfort
and still she wanes
and I do not understand
i have protected her well
and cared for her
like a child,
my child,
my inner child
that no one saw
or loved
she is a simple bird
plain really.
she sings so rarely now
that sometimes i forget to feed her
an oversight, I assure her
no harm done,
i hope.

I am a foolish woman, I realize
No one values what i feel and think
It is a young’s person world
And this little bird is really insignificant
not the jewel i once thought.
all she has is her song
and i have smothered it out of her
keeping her for false purposes
my head filled with ideals.

I opened the cage today
and an amazing thing happened
my little bird pulsed with new life
and plumped herself up
and sang and sang
before she took flight

and my heart,
with its open gilded cage
breaths in the freedom
and smiles

what a foolish woman i have been.

I think I’ll try and plant a flower instead.


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