Day 152 “Winds of Change”

The cab follows familiar routes, and as a passenger I am afforded the luxury of observing the sights.  Having grown up in this city, there are many memories stored here.

The driver takes the route past the park: a favourite drive for me.  Majestic green trees line the street, and beyond a grassy expanse offers the promise of leisurely walks, and family outings.  Every stage of my life has been marked by time spent in this place, and some little bits of my past bubble up in passing.  Today my mind flashes to drives through the park with my mother, begging her to stop so we could play on the swings.  “Another time,”  she would always promise.  Never enough times for our young hearts.

Beyond the park, we come to a halt at a traffic light.  There was no through street here when I was a kid, and the house on the corner belonged to a friend’s mother.  I remember how she resisted selling when the city put the new road through, and hung on for years.  She is dead now and the house is boarded up.  I assume her children did not carry on her cause.

A little further up the road is a restaurant where I once worked.  At the time, it was well known, attracting both locals and what we considered to be “celebrities”.  Long lines of people waited to get in well into the night, and we worked hard but thrived in the bustle.  Now the sign is faded, and the parking lot overgrown with weeds.  A converted church next door is the new “fab” place to dine.

We pass another green space, once a field, that is now well groomed for soccer players.  The houses just the other side, previously old and neglected, now house new families with fresh hopes.

Coming into downtown many of the buildings are the same, but the names have changed.   A parking lot is being cleared for new construction.

The cab drops me at my destination, and as I sit in the new station, waiting for my train, I contemplate the many changes that this city I call home has undergone.

Isn’t that life? I muse.  Some things stay the same, but much changes. 

All change is for the better, I once read.  I wonder.

Thor and my lives have certainly undergone change in the past year, and I dreamt of a snake again last night, waking in a panic.  My dream snakes have been harbingers for the changes we have undergone,  but this one was coiled peacefully, and causing no harm.  Still, it made me ponder what is next.

My journey to this station reminded me that it is naive to think things will never change.  Perspectives change, causes lose their impact, and priorities shift.

Armed with this new outlook, I am willing to bet that this next life shift will be positive.

We are ready for good news.

Winds of change brings us renewed life and enjoyment.





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