Soldiers Tanka

Sacrifice belies
original plan – the young
overlook fine print
sign up for adventure -war
renders them heroes – souls torn

(Today, we remember those who have fallen – heroes of war.
Photo mine)

Published by

VJ Knutson

Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

24 thoughts on “Soldiers Tanka”

  1. So well written, VJ. Last night we took my father-in-law out for dinner; he’s a veteran. My husband asked him about his time in the service and he told us stories about how when he signed up he thought he’d be commissioned but never was for medical reasons. But he made do and fortunately didn’t see active battle. Your line about the young not reading the fine print was exactly what happened to him.

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    1. Young men were sold a lot of propaganda to get them to enlist – both World Wars. In the literature of the time, you can see the gloss lessening as soldiers came back broken. Appreciate your anecdote, LuAnne.

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