March Madness

Winds picked up yesterday, gathering grey.  Cold seeped in through the windowsills, and we set the furnace on high.  Forecast for today is just above zero, even though we are in a tropical zone.  Oh well, I decide, a nice spicy soup will warm our innards.

Seems my body mirrors the weather: health declining, forcing me to bedrest frequently.  Have slept most the morning.  In between, I check emails, the blog, and we speculate about what will happen next with Mother Nature.  Soon, it will be time to venture home – a both welcome and sorrowful thought.

Confused winds blow cold,
winter reversing itself –
piquant soup simmers.

(It’s haibun night at the dVerse pub, hosted by Merril who challenges us to write about March Madness.  I am also linking up to Ragtag Community’s prompt: speculate and Fandango’s: health.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

46 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. A tropic zone with freezing weather? Are you a snowbird and AZ is acting up? Love the haibun. My own health issues parallel the weather.

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  2. That soup looks SO good right now. I’m eating a warm baked (microwave) potato right now just to take the chill off. You might want to wait a bit before traveling north. It feels like mid-winter here 😦

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  3. Lovely haibun V.J …you are good at being in the moment, bed rest when needed, warm food for comfort. No need to think of the weather up here, it will be better when you are ready to travel home.

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  4. Like your haibun – and your soup sounds good! – wish you better vigor soon.
    The weather is a bit peculiar this week! We have the Airstream in our drive with the heater going – we had not winterized, and we were planning to bring it to the house mid-week anyhow in prep for a coming weekend rolling. I am tempted to go snuggle into bed out in the driveway!

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  5. Ah, that soup sure sounds very comforting. I’d just quote Shelley over here: “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” I really liked your haibun and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. 🙂

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  6. Been a wierd weather in many places on the globe this year – as you point out so well i yor haibun here. Here in Seattle we had our coldes, snowiest February in Seattle’s recorded history. There is snow every year in the Cascade Mountsins, but very little down here by the Puget Sound. Being on the Pacific Coast we get frequent weather changes, but this was extreme this year. Damn, that soup looks frigin’ delicious VJ, what is it?

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  7. Oh V.J. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with a decline in your health, and I’m sure the cold weather isn’t helping. I hope it warms up for you soon and allows you to spend a little time out in nature before you head home. Sending hugs!

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