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A Childhood Favourite



6 thoughts on “A Childhood Favourite

  1. Thank you for this thought. There is a lot of talk among those seeking to grow spiritually about finding and being our “authentic selves” as though it is a new concept. Margery Williams knew it in 1922 and expressed it beautifully in this classic children’s book. It would be great if we could embrace this concept as children, but, as she says, “It takes a long time” to become real. I wish you a rich 2016 full of gratitude for all those abrasive, painful experiences that are designed to make us “real”.


      1. Thanks for the good wishes. I spent much of my life unhappily trying to be what I thought everyone else wanted. Now, even though CFS limits me, what I have is an expression of what I value in life. Every week I think I will post something on my blog, but the decision is between living or writing about living!

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