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Intuition and Understanding

First notice how you are feeling – physically and emotionally.  Notice any thoughts.  Set all this aside, then take the object in your hand and allow any thoughts, feelings or sensations to speak to you.

These were the instructions my teacher had given me.  My cousin Lynne and I were trying out psychometry:  the art of reading energy from objects.

Immediately, I felt light and expansive.  “This person is deceased,”  I speculated.

“Correct.”  Lynne’s job was to bring me objects and test me, without telling me anything about them or their owners.

“I see a woman, tall and thin like yourself, but dressed from another era – like that old photo of Grandma and her sister.”


“I feel a lot of stiffness in the neck and upper body, maybe signifying rigidity, or an unwillingness to look at viewpoints other than her own – stubbornness.”

“Yes, you could say that about her.”

“She is showing me a violin.”

“She played.”

“And I feel a warmth towards you – she’s showing me a picture of a younger you, running in a field.  She seems to be indicating that you were a happy child, carefree.   And, I have the smell of baking, like fresh bread and pies.  This is fun!”

We decided to expand the experiment to involve others.  I introduced the technique to my meditation circle and we all brought objects, and photos to test our intuition.  It was amazing to be able to connect with another person, unknown, and have an experience of understanding.

Beyond the superficial magic of the moment, this experiment taught me much more.  It taught me compassion.  I learned that it is important to look beyond appearances, because what lies within is not always what an individual shows on the outside.  My ability to “read” others brought many people to me over the years, and with it the realization of how important it is for each of us to feel understood.


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