River Musings

The Native Americans have a saying:  You can’t push the river. 

The river metaphor is one I can relate to.  I think of universal consciousness as the ocean, and the rivers and streams that flow into it as societal.  I often use this analogy to explain zeitgeists, or social trends – that we are all standing in the same river and share the same angst, concerns, and sometimes even thoughts.  It explains why two people will come up with a never before heard of idea at the same time, or how tension can spread, creating irrational acts en mass.

What I know about rivers, is that they are moving bodies of water, and therefore, unpredictable.  After my former husband and I split up, I took daily walks by the river and found solace in its flow.  I almost felt as if the river was speaking to me, reassuring me that all would be well:   All life is movement, all life is change.  Each moment flows into the next and is gone.  Don’t worry. 

I would like to be able to go with the flow and trust that all will be well; but parts of me are like the sticks that get caught in the riverbed and try to hold on, or the rocks that stand their ground and resist the water’s nudging.  And to be honest, I have noticed lately that when the water calms – and I could relax into a float – I get out of the water and look for the next rapids.

Am I afraid of the flow?

(Image: riverlogicpartners.com)


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